DISRUPTED /// what a dream the end of the body (2023)

From the concept of DAS IMMERGLEICHE (“always the same”) which began with my previous work “BE HERE NOW – the glitch of being in the society of continuous present” (with references to Jacques Derrida and Mark Fisher) by adding new elements his language (3D design and animation combined with faulty 3D scanning of the human body and landscapes). Various triangular sets of geometric figures that rotate according to similar orbits but with different durations, artificially superimposed in the assembly phase to create different planes of chaos. The concept, which is also revealed in the subtitled version, is that of the disappearance of the body, of its non-existence. Of its disrupting. The body, which we initially see only in its abstract atomic being, is finally revealed in its simulacrum obtained from 3D scans of the human body. This is the end of the body and the birth of the electric body (quoting Walt Whitman), a digital simulacrum of his. Furthermore, this video represents an overcoming of the limit between reality and imitation that the artist have been trying to represent and reveal for years through the use of glitches, errors and with the datamosh technique.