ESSENCE / ABSENCE – virtual 3D exhibition (pavillion 10)
is ready to welcome its visitors! 💻🔥

Thanks to all the artists who made this pavilion possible and so extraordinary:

Luis Carlos Rodríguez LuCa Ro
Maria Korporal
Ian Gibbins
Eija Temisevä
Linda Loh
Enzo Cillo
Benna Gaean Maris
Neo Christopher Chung
Zander Porter & Juan Pablo Cámara
Jérémy Griffaud
Susanne Layla Petersen
Sara Bonaventura
Tassia Mila
Santasil Mallik
Jean-Michel Rolland
Guli Silberstein
Szabina Péter and Kristóf János Bodnár (blanche the vidiot)
Rachelle Beaudoin
Albert Merino
Muriel Paraboni
Judit Navratil
Raluca Ioana Milescu
Filippo Giulio
Jen Valender
Jean-Marie Guyaux
Marie-Eve Levasseur

Pavillion 10 @ The Wrong Biennale
Curated by Matteo Campulla
3D online exhibition hosted by New Art City

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In a world where “being” often coincides with our online presence, reality itself becomes a “break” from our virtual life.

The pavilion intends to deepen the binary opposition between essence and absence, starting from the Hegelian concept “The truth of being is the essence” (die Wahrheit des Seins ist das Wesen). Being and nothingness, according to Hegel, really coexist in the becoming which is a continuous passage of the two opposites. Taking up the Spinozian conception according to which “every determination is a negation” (Omnis determinatio est negatio) every characteristic that being assumes occurs with a negation with respect to the totality.