Glitch Art is Dead 2022

Glitch Art is Dead is a project dedicated to showcasing the ever evolving artforms and community of Glitch Art. It works to find a place for digital art in the real world through hosting exhibitions, workshops, and performances.

2015 – Krakow
2017 – Minneapolis
2019 – Online Exhibit
2022 – Granite Falls

GAID 2022 is an international exhibit of Glitch Artists featured at the K.K. Berge Gallery as part of the Prairie Fyre Arts & Music Festival. Located in the historic Berge building in Granite Falls, Minnesota, USA the 2022 exhibition will be curated by a team of talented artists and organizers:

                                                                        Miles Taylor (Wood Lake)
                                                                        Aleksandra Pienkosz (Krakow)
                                                                        Jeremy Nealis (Madison)
                                                                        Autumn Cavender-Wilson (Granite Falls)
                                                                        Scott DeMuth (Granite Falls)
                                                                        B (Chicago)
                                                                        John Bumstead (Minneapolis)
                                                                        Kaspar Ravel (Paris)