The Economic Evangelization (derived from the Greek noun euangelizein, which indicates the announcement of good news, announcing a victory) perpetuated from the industrial revolution onwards, has led man to believe in it, that economic dogma could not be wrong, following an infinite growth where as soon as possible we would all be rich, we would have fulfilled all our dreams in beautiful cities on a human scale. Wrong: there can be no infinite growth in a world where resources are run out. Through this dogma we have created ever larger cities, with a large capacity of inhabited areas in a few hectares, but the housing emergency goes hand in hand with the recreational and recreational emergency, as well as cultural. We live in large chicken coops / apartments in the alienation given by work / unemployment. Many of these mechanisms have now broken, revealing the true nature of unbridled liberalization and globalization. We should think of cities in a different way, enhance our true heritage, ours and inalienable. The city is now an outdated reality, destined to become extinct according to our models and lifestyles.