(2020, HD video, 2’22’’, color, sound)

“Let’s go outside (let’s go outside)
In the sunshine
I know you want to, but you can’t say yes”
George Michael – Outside

After months locked up at home, in the uncertainty of the post lockdown daily, fear and anxiety still accompany us every time we go out.
What Agamben called “State of Exception” in 2005, the condition in which the state deprives us of our primary freedoms in exchange for more safety, more health now. Focus on the evil. To distance ourselves from death by way of ministerial decrees. Is the world out there still what we used to know?
Who can really tell?
So let’s go outside. Let’s claim our freedom, let’s take back our bodies!
Let’s go outside!

Filmed & Sonorized by Matteo Campulla, 2020