“Plague and Locusts 2020” @ Marin TV (San Francisco Bay Area)

I’m very glad to annunce that finally the Ephemereye’s “Plague and Locusts 2020” has found a place to show this video art collection ⚡And this time it’s not a theater, it’s not a gallery…
It’s a TV run! ⚡📺📺📺

Tune via Marin TV (San Francisco Bay Area):
COMCAST channel 26, AT&T channel 99.
Monday 07/26/2021 10 PM Pacific Time, Channel 26
Tuesday 07/27/2021 7:01 AM Pacific Time, Channel 26
Sunday 08/01/2021 10 AM Pacific Time, Channel 26
(Also streaming at https://cmcm.tv/26 as scheduled.)

Proud to participate with my “THE COVID-19 SPRING BREAKERS”

Many thanks to Veronica Shimanovskaya for making this possible and congratulations to all the participating artists: Katherine Sweetman (USA) Nancy Wyllie (USA) Eija Temisevä (Finland) Jonathan Kelham (UK) Pierre Ajavon (France) Matteo Campulla (Italy) Henny Woods (UK) Veronyka Lau (Singapore) David Cohn (USA) Natalia Jezova (Russia/UK) Johanna Yukiko (USA) Jonathan Pelham (UK) Anna Uric (UK) Dmitrii Kilaga (Russia) Jill Gibson (UK) Eva Rudlinger (UK) Nicholas Goergen (USA) Veronica Shimanovskaya (USA)

To learn more about our programs, visit us at ephemereye.com and ephemereye.art