(2020, HD video, 4’12 ”, color, sound)

The first male ejaculation (like the first female ovulation) has always been the fulcrum of the transition from childhood to adulthood. Although ejaculation is always seen in a positive way, a source of enjoyment and an act devoid of drama, adolescence brings with it a flood of contradictory feelings, given by a constantly changing body and a freedom that does not yet belong to us. altogether. This is a condition of pain that for many lasts a long time, depending on the sensitivity of each one but also of the social environment in which we live, while for others there is not even time because life is forced to grow too quickly.
They too do not escape from pain, a state that will then accompany us throughout our life.
In this work I have tried to link episodes and places in my life, epiphanies and music.
An infernal noise that is the background to growth, together with television, pornography, vandalism and incendiary manias. At the first car rides with older friends, the first transgressions. Always and in any case feeling out of place. “Falco a metà / A half hawk” as Grignani sang in my teenage years and which also appears in the video, in a verse that smacks of suicide and freedom from suffering. In the background, in addition to the samples taken from random death metal songs, you can also see a strange version of Madonna’s “like a virgin”.
All these scenes are linked and merged together thanks to the datamosh technique which, in addition to its strong aesthetic character, also exploits the non-perfect definition of the image, as the memories of certain experiences appear to us. The primary error is the basis of any story that aims to be faithful to reality.

Filmed & Sonorized by Matteo Campulla, 2020.